Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Trust an Activist

Activists get so excited about their cause, that they'll say anything that makes their cause sound more important.
Consider this story on CHI:
Shluchim all over the United States received an unmarked package in recent weeks containing missionary Hebrew New Testaments along with other missionary materials.

The packages arrived in non-descript packaging printed with “Wishing you a Shana Tova – a gift from an anonymous friend.”

“These recent events demonstrate that the missionary threat to the Jewish community is more serious than ever” wrote Rabbi Zalman Kravitz of Jews for Judaism, in an email responding to Shluchim who have received these packages.

“I got it, recognized it right away and I threw it into the garbage” said a Shliach.

Nonsense. If the missionaries think that sending New Testaments to the shluchim was a wise way to spend their money, they obviously don't understand the people they are targeting. We should be relieved and amused. Chillax, Rabbi Kravitz.