Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A (Slightly) Off-Color, Super Cute Thing my Niece Said

My mom was holding my two-month old nephew. The nephew started to cry. Said my mother, "I would hold him, but he wants to nurse. I can't help him with that."

Says my four-year-old niece, "Because you nursed Tatty, and Mendel, and Sarah, so it would be germs if Moshe nursed from you."


  1. I think the fact that that sounds really sick to me is a bad sign about my mind...!

  2. LOL!!! I love the logic of children.

  3. shriki- duh.

    thats funny that she thought of germs first. but kids know way more than u think.

  4. A few minutes before discussing bube's nursing capabilities, this niece was saying nonsense words to amuse herself, as is her wont. One of the gibberish words she was saying was "plump." I told her that "plump" is a real word, and it means "a little bit fat."

    Says the niece, "Like Mamma is plumb."

  5. very cute :)

    u should change the name of your blog to 'cute things my niece said'.

    a very doting uncle i can tell.

  6. Right when I started this blog, people were saying I should call it "E's Facial Hair or Lack Thereof."

  7. didnt u have a full beard whe u started? and now it is deteriorating...

    no that name brings up bad mental pictures...

  8. oh boy, all the way back to the archives? those are reserved for raindy days when u have nothing better to do. i'm busy.
    maybe i'll get to them another time.

  9. Way to go on the uber-generic names!

    And now I know what she said, when everyone looked at me kind of awkwardly before laughing ;-)

  10. I take protecting people's confidentiality very seriously.

    Did you read through the blog and bump into this post serendipitously, or did you know that I posted about this?


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