Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Moving out of the Ghetto!

Some of you knew already. Some of you didn't. But now all of you will know. I found a new residence near Brooklyn College. I will begin paying rent there February first, exactly 13 months after moving into my current residence in the Heights.

Some FAQS:

Why are you moving out?

I want to get out of the ghetto.

But aren't you moving into another ghetto?

Yeah, but it's a ghetto where not everyone knows my name, history, and which city my grandfather urinated in. (It was Nevel.)

Why'd you choose this location?

It was cheap.

How much less than your current abode?

Negative 100 dollars a month.


Listen, if you don't understand negative numbers, I'd be thrilled to tutor you for a nominal fee.

Are you transferring to Brooklyn College?

I dunno. It'll be painful to pass the Brooklyn College campus every day while walking to the subway station for an hour-long ride. But I like City College. I dunno.

We'll miss you in Crown Heights!

The feelings are mutual. I shall come by to visit.

In unrelated news, here's a comic:

Thanks Mottel for telling me about this site


  1. 1st commenter, scary.

    congrats on getting out, I'm happy for you. much luck, i hope you make it 'out there'.

    funny commic.

  2. Modeh B'MiktsasDecember 30, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Congratulations on moving to the area. Will you be in the "crappy ghetto building" brooklyn college area or the "filthy rich frum dudes basement" brooklyn college area?

    BTW, brooklyn college has a great math department.

  3. modeh:
    1. crappy basement

    2. Don't tempt me.

  4. Ehh, and here I thought you were going to move up in life ....

  5. 1.I'm always the last to know.
    2.If it is negative 100 dollars less that your current abode that would make it 100 dollars more than your current abode.

  6. E, we'll miss you here in the shechuna - kan tziva hashem es habrocha.
    Now that you're been liberated from the ghetto will you be getting a cool nose ring?

    Much success in all you do! And please come by for shabbos and the chassidishe yomei d'pagra and say hello!

    Glad you like XKCD.

  7. Nice way to start the new year. Good luck!

  8. Nemo: I'm totally moving up, religiously speaking.

    1. It's not like I bump into you on the street or anything. We aren't even facebook friends!
    2. Astute observation! You don't need me to tutor you!

    Mottel: As long as there's no religious content, I'm happy to come farbreng.

    The cool thing about xkcd is that you feel really smart when you get the joke.

    Lost: Thanks!

  9. 1. Well your exceedingly strict criterea for what a facebook friend needs to be bars me from adding you.
    2. Oh, didn't think you'd actually be willing to pay more so you can leave the shchuna

  10. I was gonna say you'll be missed-but you already took care of responding to that :). So I shall wish you hatzlacha, and lots of it.

    Great comic!

  11. 1. Well, I kinda know you from the blogs, so I wouldn't reject your friend request. (I can't friend you myself, cuz I don't know your last name.)

    2. With certain matters one can't let silly concerns (like $100/month) interfere.

    C: amen!

    visit for more.

  12. e, I have to say, I am probably the only one here who will not miss you more or less as a result of your moving.

    So, are you in CH now or back home?

  13. I suppose you'll have to find a new store to by your spelt from.

  14. CA: I'm in CH.

    Sarabonne: I don't buy spelt.

  15. The fact that it is not you who is reading me from the S-town.

    Не важно.

  16. I noticed on the stavropel blog that it said that someone in Skokie had come there from I also wondered who it might be.

  17. I still don't know. Do you know?

  18. I just saw this - congradts! Why not just transfer to BC? Either way I is happy to have you in the neighborhood.


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