Monday, September 24, 2012

כפרות טויגט אויף כפרות

Can you imagine a ritual that would stimulate repentance less effectively than kappores? I suppose I could--if I expended great effort.


  1. Oh please. Wearing Crocks helps you repent?

  2. hey im back again.
    i do think it brings people to repentance. they think about how they could die, but this chicken is losing its life instead of them, thats something that would make anyone repent.
    of course then you have to think about whether you really deserve to die, or whether a chicken could really take your place, and if it could, what kind of life is yours really worth.
    and if you really do deserve to die, well then you have alot more things to worry about i guess.

  3. Does it really make people think about that stuff? I doubt it. Maybe the very fresh BTs, who would think about repentance if you told them to do any weird ritual.

  4. yeh some people do. its an emotional thing, doesnt have to be logical.

  5. I'll have to trust you that such people exist.


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