Friday, February 25, 2011

Thousand-Dollar Light Fixtures and Highly Informative Ads

So apparently the city isn't spending $708 billion on new light fixtures. It's only spending $708 million. WTF? $708 million for 772 schools is approximately $917,100 per school. According to Gothamist they're replacing 564,000 fixtures. That's approximately $1,255 per fixture. WTF? Seriously. Doesn't the city know how to shop around for a good deal?

Once I'm complaining about the city wasting money, what is up with these obnoxious ads on the subway how you shouldn't drink too much. Please. It is not a recent discovery that by drinking too much you might get into a fight or pass out. Humankind has been aware of the dangers of excessive drinking for thousands of years. I don't need NYC to tell me how much to drink. Do they think I'm stupid and I have no common sense? What's next? Ads with a picture of a guy lying in bed and a caption, "7 p.m. is not 7 a.m.--always make sure you've set your alarm clock correctly"? Maybe they should have ads telling us to call our mothers every week? And ads reminding us write thank-you notes when we get gifts? This is not a joke. The federal government already sponsors ads telling people to stay married.


  1. According to my aunt, $1,000 is not an outrageous price to pay for an industrial light fixture.

  2. For example, I'm sure that the light fixtures in school gyms are quite expensive.

  3. Well I personally find those sugary drink ads repulsive. You know, where the coke turns into a nice bowl of jiggly orange FAT. I don't drink regular coke and yet I must face the wretched signs day after day.

  4. How about those cheery, inspiring signs at Atlantic Terminal that say, "Anybody can get HIV!" ??

  5. Modeh B'MiktsasFebruary 27, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    Really? Three and a half minutes on google reveals that they cost about $40 retail.

    As for the other, the nanny state strikes again, what else is new?


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