Friday, June 19, 2009

I am not responsible for this post.

I hate those bloggers who post about posting. Even worse are the bloggers who post to tell us all the wonderful things about which they're not posting. To these Cretens I say, "Don't you have anything beter to share with the world that your silly cicular thoughts?" But the worst are the bloggers who don't prrof read and leave typos in theire final porduct. If you want me to read your stuff, can't you at least read it youself to make sure it's well written. But today, I'm gonna commit all the sins I've jsut mentioned. I wanted to post today, and I didn't get around to it until now when I'm too tired to think straight and too lazy to type everything right hte first time and too lazy to go back and correct the mistakes. so there. Take that. This post sucks. Sorry for making you read it. It really sucks.

But I can be proud of myself that 12:45 is now crazy late and WAY after my bedtime. It means that in general I'm going to sleep on time.

HELLO??? So much has happened in the last few days, is htere really nothoing better to post about than my bedtime? Yeah, this is one of htose horrible, self-refrential posts. Aurgh. I'm not proud of this post at all. And yess, I'm about to hit "publish post," and I didn't read this post even once. And I see lots of red lines. And they're gonna stay there. Forever. too bad.


  1. Bwahahaha! Mistake, mistake, mistake, and look, you're writing about your sleeping habits as well. I can relate to that.

  2. mistake? I dunno. a blog is like a person. a person isn't perfect. a blog isn't perfect. it contains some bad posts. n'nu

  3. But people don't have "persona-check" like blog has spell-check. So nu? I wan't commenting on the content of the post, rather the spelling.
    Now it's also way past my bedtime. Sheesh.

  4. whatever. (Now i'm falling into TRS' mistake of responding to comments even when I have nothing to say. What the heck.) That sentence didn't even make sense. And hte previous sentence should have been inside the parens. who cares. This is my time to let myself loose and be self-referential nad not prooferead!

  5. Lol.

    This post is funny. Like really funny.

    Only thing is, I have a feeling you didn't write it for the comic relief.

    Good stuff.

    Shluff gezunt.

  6. I hate when I miss out on important posts like this one. e! Add me to your email list!

  7. i like what you said about the blog being reflective of the person. that seems oddly profound.
    and its nice to see the more human side of e. the side that mispells and just says "to hell with it!"

  8. you are responsible for all your actions. now we can forever point to this post and make a mockery out of you.

    post about something of more importance soon, or i will be forced to stop reading. no pressure.

  9. Hilarious! especially since i can't spell...

  10. le7: oy vey what? That I'm losing my marbles? I never had too many to begin with.

    c: right. comic relief was not the intention. I could have titled it something like "Stream of Consciousness" or something like that, but i was already overflowing with possible titles.

    trs: I don't have an email list. I saw in the settings a field to enter email addresses for comments, but I didn't see anything for posts.

    Cheerio: indeed

    altie: eventually, I'll post something good.

    Sebastion: huh? Because you can't spell, therefore it's hilarious?

  11. there is one for posts. find it quickly.

  12. great post!

    i love people-have-nothing-to-write-and-they-are-angry-at-themselves-for-it posts!

    i can learn a lot about you from the post.

    its like hearing you talk to yourself


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