Tuesday, June 9, 2009

N'nu, Yiddish is always better.

This heimishe yungerman declares: if you think someone has been molested, don't waste time with the rabbonim. Take it straight to the police. In the past we have relied on the rabbonim and askanim (activists) to deal with the epidemic of abuse. And they did a lot--they protected the abusers' reputations.

If you understand Yiddish, check out the link above. If you don't, you can hear a much less juicy version in English.

Once we're talking about abuse, here's a vitally important email I got:
Some of you might know that there was a serious upset in the NY State legislature today (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/09/nyregion/09switch.html), which makes it even less likely for the Markey Bill to be passed. According to the SFJ blog (http://survivorsforjustice.blogspot.com/), what this means is that the main person who has the ability to get the bill passed is Senator Dean Skelos, the presumptive Senate Majority Leader. Therfore, if anyone is able to, it is vitally important that they contact Senator Skelos to impress upon him the importance of getting this bill passed into law.

I'll just quote the blog post here:

Today's surprise upheavel in the New York State Senate puts the fate of the Child Victims Act of New York (the "Markey/Duane Bill") in the hands of Senator Dean G. Skelos of Long Island. Senator Skelos has been supportive of some legislation designed to protect our children yet may be opposed to the Markey/Duane Bill.

Please call Senator Skelos' office and tell him that you are a supporter of the Markey/Duane Bill and that you are counting on him him to allow it to the Senate floor for a vote. Explain that you and your neighbors will support any member of the Senate who votes in favor of the Markey/Duane Bill and will likewise vote against any Senator who chooses to play politics with our children's lives by voting against a bill that protects children.

Senator Skelos needs to hear from us daily in order to understand how important this bill is to our children.

Albany Office
Legislative Office Building
Room 907
Albany, NY 12247
Phone: 1-518-455-3171

District Office
55 Front Street
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
Phone: 1-516-766-8383
Email: skelos@senate.state.ny.us


  1. e, I never knew you were such an askan tziburi!

  2. OK, I didn't yet listen, cuz I'm in school and don't need my kids hearing this when the nap..

    But on the subject. Kol Hakavod! There are serious issues with molestation in frum communities.. and besides for the act being utterly despicable and the fact that it should not be tolerated, these kids suffer long-term effects and are later branded and treated horribly.

    The frum community needs to take action and stop protecting these scumbags. Measures must be taken to ensure it doesn't happen, and that those affected receive proper therapy.

    (I know this isn't ch.info, but this has been pissing the heck outta me for years. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.)

  3. trs: I'm not. I just love hearing this guy say in yiddish, "Don't go the rabbonim! During the past years they have been very successful--at harming our kids!" I don't want to spill too much private information, but I know the guy who's speaking in the ad. He has a lot of sharp things to say about Rabbonim and the community in general. And hearing him share just a tiny bit of his issues on the Zev Brenner show (which is where these ads were aired) I feel like, "ha! Take that! One of your own is dissing you on the air! on your own radio show!"

    Cheerio: see above

    c: did you contact the Senator Skelos?


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