Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Inescapable Problem

So, I was using this Mac in the computer lab, and the "v" key was broken. "No problem," thought I, "I'll just copy a 'v' from elsewhere and paste it wherever I need a 'v'." (The punctuation and the end of the previous sentence is correct.)

Little problem: to paste you need to hit cntrl-v, which you can't do without a 'v' key. And I couldn't paste with the mouse, because I was on a Mac and had no right click.

I'm sure this can be used as a metaphor for life: there are some problems which have solutions. But sometimes, the problem affects the solution also. For example, disease is a problem. The immune system offers a solution. But what if the disease is that your immune system is shot? I'm sure y'all can think of other examples.


  1. Weird. You can also copy and past from the top of the screen. Also, the macs at my school have right click buttons.

  2. doesn't cmnd or apple click work as a right click?

  3. le7: how do you do that?

    mottel: dunno, perhaps the local mac user can enlighten us.

  4. Dude, the lesson is, instead of looking for lessons, just learn how to work around the problem.

  5. that is rather philosophical.
    that whole "no right click on Mac" used to seriously tick me off when i was using my roommate's computer. too bad you didn't post this dilemma months ago...


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